Natural & Straight Nourishment




It is the latest advance in smoothing and strengthening all textures of hair without the use of harsh chemicals. This is accomplished by delivering an essential amino acid along with an effective “Active Ingredient” to “nourish” the hair cortex. By using heat to accelerate the release of the “Active’; the molecules within the cortex will begin to”shift or stretch” ELONGATING THE CURL PATTERN. It DOES NOT BREAK BONDS! The result is a stronger,”nourished” hair strand with enhanced body to create any style. Witness this breakthrough technol-ogy transforming the texture one strand at a time. No more flyaways and split ends. Ajah Nicole Natural & Straight Nourishment creates a dramatic effect for the stylist and an even greater one for the client as she feels for herself how silky-strong, beautiful, and healthy her hair has become. It is truly amazing!


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